Independent Fisheries Analysis
Providing insight to those who want to better understand the UK fishing and seafood industry
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Support for effective decision-making

Our purpose is to provide honest, robust and audience friendly analysis.
By operating with integrity we aim to enhance understanding, inform debate and support effective decision-making.

Data analytics
and modelling

Fisheries is data rich in some regards and data poor in others. Knowledge of that data as well as a wide range of analysis tools enables impacts and insight to be uncovered.

• Data mining and analysis
• Bioeconomic modelling
• Linear programming and optimisation
• Choice modelling
• Price analysis
• Multiple criteria decision making
• Qualitative analysis where data is not readily available


The fishing and seafood industry continues to be an important contributor to communities and the wider economy. Fragmentation can make a coherent voice difficult to establish which industry analysis overcomes.

• Industry trends analysis
• Fleet analysis and performance
• Trade and Supply chain analysis
• Fishing opportunities assessment
• Evaluation of policy options
• Industry surveys, focus groups and assessment


The industry does not operate in a bubble, analysis of the impact of management decisions and the industry’s role in wider society can be valuable.

• Appraisal of the potential effect of interventions on the industry
• Evaluation of the effect of interventions
• Needs analysis
• Economic impact analysis
• Cost benefit analysis
• International comparison

Our People

The three partners in Sandfish have a combined consultancy career of 55 years. Jennifer, Seb and Simon have provided analysis and advice on fisheries related matters to UK industry bodies, local authorities, Seafish, Scottish Government, UK Government, the European Commission and foreign Governments.

Simon Mardle

Fishor Consulting

Jennifer Russell

Anderson Solutions

Sébastien Metz

Sakana Consultants

Their individual reputations for honesty, integrity and a track record of work with industry and policy makers combine to form Sandfish Associates, a partnership with a shared ethos, complementary skills and extensive fisheries and consultancy expertise.
The partnership also has a wide network of associates with specialist skills who can be brought in if appropriate to tailor a project team to best meet the needs of our client.

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Sandfish Associates was launched in March 2018. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.